The most unique finds

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or on the hunt for the perfect gift, shopping preloved gives you the best chance of finding rare and unique pieces. Have your eye on a limited edition, or simply hard to find item? Shopping preloved gives you the best advantage at finding that one of a kind piece. 

Stimulate the economy

Shopping resale keeps items in rotation, meaning that they are continuously sold over and over. When that happens, the money spent doesn’t go in the trash, so to speak, but goes back into the pockets of the sellers to be used for future purchases in the primary market.

It's sustainable 

If we didn't have the option to sell/shop second hand, most of the clothing (and accessories, home goods, etc) we see out in consignment, thrift or vintage would be collecting dust in our homes or end up in a landfill. In America 14.3 million tons of textile waste is produced each year and the average american is throwing away approximately 65 pounds of textiles annually. By shopping preloved you’re giving garments a second life, and lessening the demand for new garment production. 

More bang for your buck

Having key investment pieces in your wardrobe can really elevate your entire look. That being said buying new quality pieces generally comes with a big price tag. Buying preloved designer pieces can reduce the cost up to 90%, who doesn't want that?! Upgrading your wardrobe without going over budget has never been so easy. Not to mention, it's a sustainable way to keep up with the latest trends.

Happy shopping! 

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